Danforth Decline and DECA boundaries

Well that Toronto Star story certainly got your attention.  It has created quite a stir on the comments section of the blog and I know many of you have written letters to the editor.  Thanks for passing them along.  If nothing else, it’s got us talking about our neighbourhood and what we love and hate about it.  Thanks to everyone who has posted comments, I think the discussion is really good.


I sent a letter to the editor as well and one thing I said was that we, as residents, are demanding more patrols and more enforcement from the police and they’re responding.  This is boosting the crime statistics, sure, but it’s because there is more police activity in the area.  This is all good.  Let’s take this and really run with it.  Make a commitment to putting these two phone numbers in your cell phone and putting them near your home phone (South of Danforth, 55 Division – 416-808-5500) (North of Danforth, 54 Division – 416-808-5400).  When you see something that isn’t right – report it.  The police may not come right away, but after several phone calls, they will and it will make a difference.  It will improve the safety of our neighbourhood. This is what the police continually ask us to do.  They can’t be everywhere, they’re looking for our help.


On a happier note – remember the DECA Cocktail Party is one week away.  Monday, November 23rd beginning at 7 p.m. at Melanie’s Bistro.  Note – DECA is considering extending it’s official boundary to Monarch Park.  If you have a concern or any questions about this please let me know.

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  1. Thank you for party invite at Melanie’s Bistro for Nov. 23. Melanie’s is a fabulous place – oh yes, and my son works there.

    Also on November 23 is the public meeting about making Merrill Bridge Road Park an official off-leash area for dogs. The time of this meeting is 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. and is at Fairmount Park Community Centre.

    Unfortunately, the deca party might be minus a few dog lovers’. Nevertheless, we’ll be there in spirit.


  2. I’ve been thinking of commenting about the existing DECA boundaries, and now that you ask…

    I believe the northern (and perhaps even the southern) boundary should be extended. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, when mid Danforth was a thriving, busy street, the catchment area for the strip extended all the way up to O’Connor Dr. True, there was a smaller retail strip on Coxwell up by O’Connor, but most people still walked, drove, or took the bus down to Danforth to do most of their shopping.

    Today, people living north of Mortimer have the same local choices, however, we’re not really targeting them. The distance from Mortimer to Danforth is only 700m, so I believe there is room to extend that boundary to at least 1km (ie Cosburn). Ideally, I believe DECA needs to extend its presence up to the natural boundary of our area, which is the valley just north of O’Connor (approx 1.5km). Either way, we need to target more people. Danforth is the heart of our area, and that area definately extends beyond Mortimer.

  3. I also think we should extend our boundaries , and/or at least consider letting people who would like to join our association, join. I have a friend who lives at Coxwell and Gerard and is a loyal danforth shopper. SHe supports the local business with more than half of her shopping. WHen she tried to join, she was not allowed. I find this confusing. The more support we have, the better right?

    Maybe there can be some sort of sub-category of membership if we are worried about keeping the members local.

  4. Marie:

    My wife and I found ourselves in that exact position as well. We are on Virginia Ave, which is two blocks north of Mortimer, just east of Coxwell. We also do the majority of our shopping on Danforth and wanted to join DECA shortly after it was formed, but were not permitted to do so because we were outside of the boundary. I found it odd, because it’s a 12 minute walk down for us, and I consider Danforth to be within our “local” area.

  5. There’s no question, we never want to turn people away. The boundaries as they exist now are already massive by residents’ association standards. The problem is there has to be a border somewhere and if you live near the border you’re going to feel that it should expand further. There is a very small group of people who make DECA happen and frankly, we’re hesitant to expand and try to serve more people and more of the commercial strip of the Danforth without a lot more volunteers. Many of us feel that we are already over-extended with our DECA duties and we simply can’t expand unless more people are willing to help out. Having said that, we’re always open to taking another look at the boundaries particularly if there are people who are already active in the work we’re doing.

  6. I might suggest that DECA keep its boundary “sphere of influence” somewhat no larger than it is now (OK go to Monarch Park) but permit any members and volunteers from outside the area to join and support our efforts within the area itself. I’ve seen that done with another association I belong to. Cheers.

  7. I found myself in this position as well. I live on Luttrell Ave, which is east of Dawes and south of Danforth. Even though this stretch of the Danforth is the heart of the Danforth Villlage BIA for some reason DECA established the boundary on Main, thus cutting off the larger chunk of the BIA and many local residents.

  8. Anyone and everyone can join DECA!
    The more the merrier!

    Voting Membership ($10 per family per year) is offered to residents within the current DECA boundaries and
    Non-Voting Membership (free) is offered to anyone else.

    General meetings and events are open to all.

    Boundary issues can certainly be brought up at meetings.

    See you at the Cocktail Party!

  9. Hey, drug lab discovered today at Avenue Road and Lawrence. Clearly an area in decline! I hope the Star is on this.

    As for the boundaries, I agree that DECA already covers a pretty big area. Personally, I’d opt to maintaining the status quo.

  10. Many of the DECA volunteers know that I’d love to join, but alas, am outside of the boundaries. I’ve been asking for the boundaries to entend for 2 years, but understand you need to draw the line somewhere. I’d be happy to volunteer my time as needed–just give me a task.

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