Community Speaks!

This is a picture of East Lynn Park in 1932.  See, things were not always better in the olden days.

Join us this Monday, March 1st for DECA’s first ever Community Speaks. This fabulous event will begin with a brief historical presentation by Jack Ridout, followed by a chance for all of us to talk about what our hopes are for this neighbourhood and how we might get there.  This facilitated discussion is the first of a series of Community Speaks DECA events that we hope will continue to build on the energy and enthusiasm that was so overwhelming at the cocktail party in November.  Join us at Gledhill Public School Library (behind the Honda dealership) March 1st from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. RSVP to Mary Margaret at 416-693-9276

A Campfire?  Surely The City of Toronto Has Banned Those?

(oops, did I say that out loud?)  There will be a final campfire and outdoor skate at the Greenwood Park ice rink from 10:30 – 12:30 p.m. this Sunday, February 28th.  Bring a mug for hot chocolate, if you remember.

Get The Lead Out (please!)

Back when we first started the blog, there was a lot of talk about lead.  Lead in the water.  Lead in the water is bad.  Old homes sometimes have lead pipes or at the very least lead pipes that lead from the street to your home.  How do you know if you have lead in your water? Get yourself up to East York Civic Centre and pick up a lead testing kit.  If you want to know more (read inside scoop) on this then send me a note.

Last week Councillor Davis hosted an information night about lead in the water because a number of streets (not mine, even though I have had two ridiculously high tests) are being done this spring in her ward.  Here are some tips from Toronto Public Health if you are concerned about lead in your water:

  • Flush the water first thing in the morning and after it’s been sitting for a while
  • Clean the aerator on your tap if you have one as lead can build up along with the rest of the guk
  • Use a filter that meets the NSF53 standard (It should say that on the box of the filter).  In my case that’s a PUR water filter

Missing the East Lynn Farmers’ Market?

Taste summer by ordering some delicious apples from Lincoln Lines Orchard. Now taking orders for apples and cider:

McIntosh (2lb bag $3.50), Royal Gala (2lb bag $4.50), Jona Gold (2lb bag $4.50), Apple Cider (2L jug $3.50), Concord Grape Juice (1.5L jug $5.99)

Order can be made to DECA’s workaholic, Mary Margaret McMahon at or 416-693-9276.  Advance payment is required.  Orders can be picked up at Better Bulk and you will receive a 10% discount on bulk purchases that day!

Medicinal Herbs Reskilling Workshop

More than a dozen people attended our latest reskilling workshop by Linda Rose. Linda captivated the audience with her history of using herbs to treat ailments as well as great advice on growing and drying herbs and instructions on making tinctures.  She also made some darn good tea including white yarrow (to aid circulation) and dill (to aid digestion).  Stay tuned for the next class – making tinctures.

DECA Bikes

The eager beaver DECA biking group is hard at work (or at least they enjoy meeting at Relish and talking about bike stuff).  In any case, they’re working toward a few spring tune up events to help you tune up and learn how to tune up your two wheels.  And, they’re planning on setting up shop at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market this summer to provide assistance to Danforth East bikers from three to 103.  AND, one of the DECA bikers is starting up bikeSauce – a new DIY (or DIY with help) bike shop in East Toronto.  They need help!  They need mechanics, cooks, builders, knitters, accountants, cheerleaders – and bike parts!

P.S. Mary Margaret wants you to know that the City of Toronto has a nifty little web tool to help you figure out what goes in the green bin, the blue bin or (heaven forbid) the garbage.  Make it a game in your house!  The first person to determine which bin the pill bottles go in gets to eat dessert first!

P.P.S  – You can also get these tweets on twitter @danfortheast

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  1. re: East Lynn Park in 1932 picture – I was just wondering what perspective or direction that picture was taken from, if you happen to know? I’m assuming it’s from Danforth Ave but there’s really no landmarks to know or sure.

  2. Hi Sean!

    Great question.

    Carole Stimmell – Beach Metro News Editor recently sent me that photo. She’s not sure of the angle but got it from Toronto Archives.

    Maybe they would know?

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