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A few little things to mention today.

1. Regarding the ‘Spas’:  My sources tell me that yet another ‘spa’ has opened at 1837 Danforth. Apparently the owners of the building are the people running the convenience store at 1839 Danforth.  So if you don’t like the idea of another ‘spa’ you can walk right in to the convenience store and let them know – or at the very least don’t walk into the convenience store to spend your money.

2.  Our DECA Safety Committee has organized a Neighbourhood Safety Walk with 54 Division Community Liaison Officers.  It’s this Thursday – July 17th at 7:30.  Meet in front of Coxwell Station on Strathmore and walk around the immediate neighbourhood including Earl Beatty School.  We’ve had these walks on the south side around East Lynn Park and people find them incredibly helpful and interesting.  Ever wanted to know what the police are looking for and interested in around our neighbourhood – now’s your chance to find out.   It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, learn more about the community and make our little corner of the world a little bit safer.

3. We’re having a DECA executive meeting at Quattro Regazze at 7:30 on Monday the 17th.  There won’t be room for new items on the agenda, but you’re welcome to come if you’re interested.

4. The farmers’ market is a huge success.  Not only do people in the community seem to like it, the farmers are loving it.  This week one of the farmers told our farmelicious femme, Catherine, that of the seven (seven!) markets she attends each week, this one is the best.  Yes, the sales are good, but also the people are nice and there’ s a real sense of community and spirit.  Good on ya.


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