Bernadin Canning Workshops


The strawberry canning demo was such a success, DECA along with the East Toronto Climate Action Group has organized a series of canning seminars with Energetic Emery from Bernadin.

All of the events below will take place at the Danforth Mennonite Church at 2174 Danforth Avenue at 7:30 p.m.

August 17th – Peaches, Pears, Blueberries

September 14th – Salsa, Tomatoes

October 27th – Apples, Cranberries

November 18th – Garlic Jellies, Cranberry Sauces

December 2nd – Pepper Habanera Jelly, Cranberry Rum Sauce

RSVP to Mary-Margaret McMahon at 416-693-9276

or sign up at the DECA tent at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market

Suggested Donation $5.00

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  2. Great workshop last night DECA–thank you. I learned many tips and tricks to canning that I didn’t know. I’m inspired, and will be making peach blackberry jam this weekend!

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