Be aware – shed break-ins

Residents should be vigilant about locking up their sheds after several were broken into on Springdale Boulevard on Saturday night. This is the second occasion in two years the block between Coxwell and Woodington has seen shed break-ins. Several bikes were stolen last time. It’s unknown if anything of value was taken in this most recent incident. At least two residents claimed their property remained untouched. These were not dead-of-night break-ins, as one resident had noticed the doors were ajar at 1:30 a.m. At least two of the sheds were of the older, metal style. A neighbouring house, which has yet to be victimized by the incidents, wondered if his motion-detector spotlight has presented a deterrent to the thiefs.

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  1. The police were canvassing the block of Wolverleigh (Linsmore-Monarch Park) over the weekend to inform us a home on the block had a break and enter. They cautioned us to be extra aware of unusual/suspicious activity and cited an example of cars being parked or lingering on the wrong side of the street.

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