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Hello DECA!

Did you miss me?   I took a little vacation from the city and from the Diaries to head out to my hometown of Calgary for Christmas.  We had an amazing time and took advantage of all of the incredible recreation at your fingertips in that city.  From skiing at Canada Olympic Park to skating at the Olympic Oval to soaking in the hot springs in Banff after a day of sledding in the mountains.  Sigh…well, now we’re back in Toronto and full of vim and vigour.  I hope you, too, had some time with the people you care about doing things you love to do.

There are a few things to let you know about…

1. If spending some of your Sunday with your local elected officials is your cup of tea then you won’t want to miss the New Year’s Levee at the East York Civic Centre on Sunday, January 3rd from 1-3.  It is hosted by Councillor Janet Davis and includes MPPs Peter Tabuns and Michael Prue, MP Maria Minna and school trustees Sheila Cary-Meagher and Cathy Dandy.  Music and refreshments too.

2. At the DECA cocktail party, a DECA Bicycle Advisory Group was formed to promote cycling in the community.  Last night 10 people (or so) met at Relish to discuss more about it and they decided to start with three projects:

  • Hold one or more bicycle repair/tune up clinics at the Danforth Mennonite Church in the spring and then continue the clinics at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market throughout the summer and fall.
  • Meet with the Beaches Cycling Club and the Toronto-Danforth Ward 29 Bikes advocacy group.
  • Organize a CAN-BIKE course in the spring.

How terrific is that?  The group needs a catchy name so feel free to submit your ideas on the blog.  My suggestion is DECA bikes.

3.  Looking Up! If you’re looking for a walking destination to work off some of those Christmas cookies, you could wander over to Cedarvale, south of Danforth.  At the Croft residence, they have installed a photovoltaic system that is providing them with energy. Below is a photo of Eric and Sara’s house, also on Cedarvale south of Danforth.  This is their solar thermal water heating system.  They say these panels will supply the majority of their summer water heating needs and some of it in the winter.  The panels will also help heat the radiant floors in their basement.  Contact Eric at if you want to learn more.

4. Don’t forget the Home Energy Assistance Toronto incentive program offering up to $1,000 when you upgrade your insulation.  Funds are only available until March 2012.

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  1. Welcome back!! Yes, we did miss you! I would like more info about the Bicycle Group. I used to be an avid cyclist – maybe joining this group will put me back into the bike saddle. Please forward the leader’s name and name to me. Thanks! All the best to you and DECA!


  2. Love the “DECA Bikes!” name, and I’d love to be involved in the group, as I bike a lot and live in the neighbourhood. :) I also run, which is being renovated right now (finishing next week) to help cyclists connect with eachother in all parts of the city, or just certain parts (like ours!) of the City. :)

  3. Well, I see a suggestion for one name for the DECA Cycle Advocacy (Advisory) Group – ‘DECA Bikes’.

    I’d like to see others’ suggestions – is a contest an idea? – the Cycle Union did that for their publication. But don’t want to make it too complicated.

  4. Hi,

    I just discovered DECA today and I’m glad I did. I’d love to volunteer some time repairing bikes in the ‘hood. Please let me know how.

    As for names, I think it’s important to use the word Danforth in the title since that’s the primary brand. I recommend Danforth Bikes.

  5. Hi – Kudos to you for doing this.

    I am a member of 29Bikes and Toronto Cyclists Union (Toronto Bike Union) helping organize groups advocating for better transportation policies across GTA.

    Your input would be valuable.

    Would be happy to meet up with your group at Relish if that
    is the “local” for DECA.


    Paul Charbonneau

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