Apple Pix

Hats off to Catherine and the fabulous farmer’s market femmes for another wonderful event at the market this week.

First off  THANK YOU to Melanie of Melanie’s bistro for donating the incredible apple treats. From apple strudel (mine was still warm) to apple cake to apple chutney, everything was fantastic.  I couldn’t believe how many trays of baked apple goodies came out of that restaurant. The pastries just kept coming and coming.  If you haven’t made it into Melanie’s Bistro yet, be sure to check it out.  The food is very good and it’s a warm and inviting place to spend some time.  Melanie and her family live here in our neighbourhood and she’s created a real local gem.
Here are a few other pictures from tonight’s Applemania.

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  1. Oh I’m sad I missed it! I went to Melanie’s Bistro this week and it was absolutely amazing! The food was scrumptious and Melanie is constantly walking around, making sure everyone is doing well and taken care of. I’m SO happy this place is in the neighbourhood!

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