A few things…

Hi all,

This weather is bringing all of us out of our dens and into the bright sunlight. And not a moment too soon. Here are a few tidbits for today…

1. Sarah from our Safety Committee tells me that at the 55 Division Community Police Liaison Committee meeting, they mentioned that their recent RIDE program was very successful. Out of 2600 stops, police made only one arrest. Also, be aware that during March break, police will be focussing on crosswalks, near parks, playgrounds and school zones where kids may be walking and playing. They will be ticketing for speeding and other infractions. So keep your eyes peeled for wily kids and cops.

2. Christine, a DECA Diaries reader, passed along a link to the Ontario Ecoschools website. It’s an environmental education program that also helps schools and boards reduce their environmental impact. There is a newsletter and you can subscribe – just like Christine.

3. A few people have written me to inquire if there is any interest in a neighbourhood activity regarding Earth Hour on March 28th. Personally, I’m always in the dark so this is nothing unusual for me. What are you going to do? Submit your thoughts by commenting on this blog post.
O.k. I’m going back into my den now.

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