A few more greenbits

Earlier, I told you about the Count Me In challenge from Toronto Hydro. The Count Me In Toronto challenge – created by Toronto Hydro – has Toronto’s wards competing against one another to determine which ward is the greenest.   I said the deadline was July 15th.  It’s actually September 6th. So we have no excuse.  We could win an energy retrofit for something in our ward(s).

If you’re looking for some good ideas to get you started, why not start with the Toronto Hydro 10 for 1o promotion?

This summer use 10 per cent less electricity than you did last summer and Toronto Hydro-Electric System will give you 10 per cent off your fall hydro bill.  The challenge months are July and August. Deadline for registration is July 15th.  For more information, handy energy conservation tips and to register, visit Toronto Hydro.

And finally, from your favourite green bean, Mary Margaret.  Here are some tips to reduce your garbage and your trips to the dump during this ever-so-unpleasant garbage strike – and beyond.garbage

1. Buy Naked – avoid excessive packaging – but do wear clothes when you’re at the store.

2. Buy in bulk and bring your own containers.

3. Bring your own travel mug to the coffee shop.

4. Use your own backyard composter (or borrow some space from a neighbour).

5. Give it away before you throw it away.

6. Try borrowing before buying.

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