AND Danforth East Community Association
Danforth East Neighbourhood Tree Tour

Sunday May 25, 2008
2pm to 4pm

Starting at: Woodbine Subway Station

This tour, led by arborist Todd Irvine and local activist Mary-Margaret McMahon, will explore the charming eco-friendly Danforth East neighbourhood. Admire the massive canopies of the many historic white and red oaks that spread over the quaint homes below and discover why they are so prominent in this area. Hidden among the predominating oaks, we will also find other interesting native tree species. As we meander through the shady streets south of the Danforth, we will learn of the challenges facing the urban forest and how local tree planting and conservation initiatives are re-invigorating the entire neighbourhood. From greening projects on TTC property to motivating local businesses to care for street trees, this community has a shared vision of a greener future.
Space is limited so please RSVP at www.treetours.to/event/danforth-east-tree-tour
For more info, email Susan Gulley at susan@leaftoronto.org or visit www.treetours.to

Admission = Pay What You Can


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