For Exhibitors

RETURNING! for 2016

Online application is here March 1st

The Danforth East Community Association (DECA) invites artisans to participate in a juried outdoor arts and crafts fair in East Lynn Park, a beautiful and bustling community destination located on the Danforth between Coxwell and Woodbine.

The Danforth East Arts Fair provides artists with a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their work. Our vibrant community is filled with new families, established homeowners and creative folks who are eager to support local artists. Community members and local media consistently give our event rave reviews.

We welcome applications from exhibitors working in a wide range of traditional and contemporary art forms. We provide a welcome package for exhibitors, nearby parking, uniformed security overnight, advertising, publicity, entertainment, port-a-potties, volunteer support, ATM, an information booth and more.

To apply, complete the online application form and submit the required fee by PayPal using your PayPal account or your credit card. The show is financed through artists’ fees, which help cover costs and an advertising campaign.

The fee is $175 for applications received by the early deadline of March 31, 2016,
or $200 for applications submitted thereafter up until the final deadline of May 31, 2016.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by a jury. We strongly encourage you to submit your application by the early deadline of March 31, 2016, to ensure the greatest chance of acceptance. Unsuccessful applications will have their entire application fees refunded.

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