The Danforth East Community Association started in an unusual way. We didn’t gather together to fight against something — a development or city plan. We gathered to build something. We met around our dining room tables to share dreams of what our little pocket could be and plans to get us there. Our vision, from the start in 2007, was to make Danforth East a more vibrant, walkable, safe place. A few months in, we held our inaugural community association meeting, expecting a couple dozen people to show up. More than 130 arrived.

Since then we’ve launched a number of initiatives, and in 2015 were responsible for:

  • our 7th year of weekly Farmers’ Markets from June – October
  • our 7th annual Danforth East Arts Fair, boasting over 60 vendors
  • our 6th annual Pumpkin Parade (thanks to Councillor McMahon’s support)
  • Commercial area renewal initiatives including pop-up shops, a DECA Gems competition and community events (all through an exciting partnership with Woodgreen, with support from the Metcalf Foundation)
  • our 3rd annual Danforth East Yard Sale, with over 160 participating households and businesses
  • our 4th annual Festival of Lights
  • a highly active adopt-a-tree program throughout the area
  • a number of neighbourhood visioning initiatives
  • continually connecting and informing our neighbours via DECA Diaries, Facebook and Twitter

Every one of our successes started as an idea in someone’s head. If you have a brilliant plan for our hood, let us know! We are only as strong as our members. Please join us.

DECA’S 2016 Executive Board


Sheri Hebdon – Chair
Audrey Kvedaras – Vice-Chair
Alison McMurray – Secretary
Anita Schretlen – Treasurer
Shelley Darling
David del Grande
Corinne McCabe
Amanda Olson
Melissa Peretti
Mark Rullo
Loreen Barbour

DECA’s Borders
Any person or family who lives within the DECA borders may become a member of DECA if they pay the set membership fee. DECA’s borders are Main Street (east), Lumsden/Mortimer (north), Monarch Park, (west) and the train tracks (south).

DECA’s Constitution

DECA’s Constitution is our guiding document and reflects DECA’s values, goals and direction.
Click here to view DECA’s Constitution.